POST RESETTLEMENT TRAINING is the training given to retired personnel after completing the resettlement training to enhance or diversify or to add value to the knowledge / existing skills

Retired Personnel ATM can apply post-training courses in the selected fields in any recognized public or private training providers. Course applied for is either for the purpose of upgrading skills, add value to existing skills or diversity purposes.

Applications can be directed to PERHEBAT’s Head Office or PERHEBAT’s State Offices or through JHEV or PBTM

Approval is subjected to financial commitment of PERHEBAT

3 approaches used, such as:

  1. Modular
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Customized/Tailored


Retired personnel can pursue courses in Post-Resettlement Training in Complex PERHEBAT through modular concept in accordance to individual needs, based on Transition Training in progress with reference to the Training Schedule prepared by the Division / Centre / Section. Retired personnel can follow a modular training to diversify, add value or improve existing skills and knowledge. However, it is subjected to vacancies at any one time.


Retired Personnel can undergo Post Resettlement Training through sponsorship by obtaining  information about the courses offered through kiosks, website or brochures prepared by PERHEBAT from time to time.


Retired personnel can attend special courses customized / tailored Post-Resettlement Training upon group request. If the course is not conducted in the normal training time (not in schedule) and can be scheduled over the weekend.