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Veterans Socioeconomic Development Division consist of two main units. ie :  Veterans Socioeconomic Development Unit (VSED) and Job Placement & Entrepreneurship Development Unit (JPED)

VSEDD Function

  1. Planning and Implementing Veterans Socioeconomic Development Programs for non pensionable  MAF veterans.
  2.  Managing second job placement career in various public and private sector
  3. Managing job placement and VSED database

VSED Function

  1. Planning, promotioning and implementing course program
  2. Analizing courses (before and after attending course)
  3. Providing program implementation achievement
  4. Managing VSED data
  5. Planning continuous implementation
  6. Planning and collecting veterans data through outreach program

JPED Function

  1. Developing  a continuos collaboration and networking with public and private sector.
  2. Planning and implementing career program.
  3. Planning and implementing MAF veterans entrepreneurship development program
  4.  Managing entrepreneurship development and job placement database


Phone no : 03 – 61569412

Fax no : 03 – 61578420

1.Pn. Hamidah binti SetanPengarah[email protected]1111
2.Pn. Azwita Hau binti Ab RahmanPegawai Tadbir[email protected]1112